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Apana’s Foodland
  • Panjabi Food
  • Chinese Food
  • Kathayavadi Food
  • South Indian Food
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Address :
Fort Road, Diu-362520 India.
Tel: (02875) 253650 / 252112
Fax - (02875) 252112
Welcome to Hotel Apana

Apana hotel is located on the Diu island exactly on the sea shore. Most famous sightseeing points and main market are at walking distance to Apana Hotel situated in the Heart of DIU.

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Hotel Apana is very famous hotel of diu and especially popular for Apana's Food Land. Apana Hotel is located on the Diu island exactly on the sea shore and offers warm hospitality and all the modern amenities for a Comfortable stay.The hotel rooms are well furnished with ample space. Hotel Apana serves all modern amenities and services for a comfortable and friendly stay.

Apana Attraction
A very famous SEA FACEING Garden Restaurant called the APANA FOODLAND . Foodland has 300 sitting capacity in garden including A.C Restaurant and Terrace Restaurant. Foodland serves Delicious and tongue Licking Sea Food, Punjabi, Bar-Be-Que, Chinese, Continental, Gujarati and Kathiyawadi food. Foodland Employees are Young, Experienced, well groomed and well disciplined. Foodland will try and keep the TRADITION to its HEART to serve the best food which is HEALTHY and HYGINE.